Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Project "Strengthening Public Committees by promoting initiatives at resolving migrants' and their family members' problems"

In November 2014 Public Fund "Mehr-Shavkat" launched the project "Strengthening Public Committees by promoting initiatives at resolving migrants' and their family members' problems" in partnership with Osh branch of PO "Interbilim", PF "Insan Lyelek" and PF "ISEDA". The project is financed by "ICCO Cooperation". For realizing the project, partner organizations have created consortium in November of that year. The project aims to solve migrants' and their faimilies' problems by creation of Public Committees (PC) which will lobby their problems in local and regional levels. The project is realized in Osh, Jalalabad and Batken oblasts.   

On 3rd of April 2015, partner organizations PF "Mehr-Shavkat", PF "ISEDA", PF "Insan-Leylek" and "Interbilim" have organized press conference on the project by financial support of "ICCO Cooperation". The aim of press conference was to inform local population about the project and also formulating recomendations on creation of Public Committee network that will provide support at obtaining social and legal assistance to migrants and their family members from government and and public organizations. Representatives of partner organizations and representatives of Small Public Committees (SPC) of Karasuu, Nariman and others took part in the conference. 

В Оше ряд НПО юга обсудили вопросы по повышению инициатив в решении проблем мигрантов и членов их семей

Partner organizations started to create SPCs, that will serve as forums for discussing and promoting vital issues of labor migrants and their families. In future, partner organizations are intending to turn SPCs into sustainable institutes, that will help Local Self-Governing Entities and also promote unsolved issues to Big Public Committees (BPC). In their turn, BPC will serve as big forum for representaitves of migrants, government departments, international organizations, NCOs and representatives of expert communities.   

After taking part in trainings in Osh branch of PO "Interbilim", Saida Kudayberdieva organized and conducted trainings for represnetatives of SPCs and potential migrants on board game "Russia, country of opportunities?" and "Effective use of labor migrants' remittances". For such groups were selected parents of labor migrants and students of technological lyceum of Aravan district. 

Saida Kudayberdieva presenting the board game "Russia country of opportunities?" 

Labor migrants families are playing the board game

Presentation of the board game in technological lyceum #112

Teachers and students are listening to presentation 

Students are playing the board game

Participants are discussing the results of the game
After playing the game, participants are discussing the results of the board game and making conclusions. Majority of students got to know interesting facts and possible consequences of travelling to Russian Federation without legal documents.

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