Thursday, September 25, 2014

Demonstration day of project Effective Use of Water (SEP)

During last few years, due to climate change and increase of water use, In Central Asia and in Southern Kyrgyzstan has emerged problems of water deficiency. In order to address these problems, Swiss organization, HELVETAS and Mehr-Shavkat have launched the project “Effective Use of Water” (SEP in Kyrgyz) The project aims to educate local farmers and population about effective use of available water resources. 
Yesterday, according to this project, a demonstration day have been organized on fields of Aravan district. Farmers of Nooken village from Jalal-Abad have arrived to Aravan for taking part in this event. There were 18 participant guests, representatives of Helvetas, men, women and youth.

Nooken village farmers, Djalal-Abad oblast

The day has started by greeting of guests and introduction of the day’s agenda. After breakfast, everybody went to field where they learned about new methods of growing various agricultural plants, with help of which farmers can gain two harvests in one season. Except these, guest learned about new method of growing rice. According to Madarakhimov Muhammadsulton, agriculture expert of our organization, traditional method of growing rice has become inefficient and it costs more for farmers. New method lets to grow rice in ordinary land ridge and it requires less water and financial expenses.

Madrakhimov Muhammadsultan, agriculture expert of Mehr-Shavkat, telling about new method of growing rice

Learning about new methods of growing beans 

Cucumber growing greenhouse  

Muhammadsultan is telling about drip irrigation method

Altynbek Ashirov, senior specialis of SEP project, conducting monitoring of activities

Except rice fields, the farmers also visited on fields of watermelons, cottons, and beans where they learned about effective methods of water use. After lunch, the guests have visited local greenhouse. There they have learned about drip irrigation method. Then, after learning about the greenhouse, the farmers and Makhamadsultan discussed advantages and disadvantages of this method. As the guests have noted, drip irrigation have many plusses than minuses. At the end of the day conclusions have been made and participants of event made remarks that the visits were very useful and they are eager to use gained knowledge in practice.  

In order to learn more about Effective Water Use project, you may watch the following video shot by Helvetas: