Friday, May 22, 2015

Our preparation for 1st of June

            In 1925, the 1st of June was proclaimed by Wolrd Conference on Well Being of Children as international day of children. Since that date, various countries and institutions recognize and celebrate it as a holiday for children. Public Fund "Mehr-Shavkat" also celebrate this date and  organizes various social and competitive events for children of Aravan. Since last few years, it became a tradition to conduct this event. This year also, Mehr-Shavkat has invited its group leaders for discussion and planning events for this day. 

Muharam Tilavaldieva, director of Public Fund is proposing the events for this day
Muharam Tilavaldieva, director of organization has started the meeting by greeting guests and informing them about the agenda of the day. She noted importance of this holiday for children and suggested several events for the day. 

Participants drawing lots
As a part of meeting, all participants drew lots in order to maintain fairness and prevent unfair competition. Every person who drew a lot represented his or her own group members and their children.

Arranging groups by lots
 After drawing lots, a schedule was formed and groups were arranged according to the results. All guests accepted the schedule as fair and agreed with the rules of competitions. In addition, they also discussed possible scenarios for the day and made a list of required items and equipments for events.

Making plans and arrangements
During break time, our workers also discussed their own organizational activities, made a list of activities for the day and divided responsibilities among staff of the organization.
Saida Kudayberdieva, project coordinator explaining competition rules
After short break, Saida Kudayberdieva explained one sample of competition so guest could understand and prepare their children for games. They also were informed about prises for winners and active participants. Giving awards serve as motivation for children and their parents to come and take part in events of and competitions of the day. 

Federation and group leaders

Participants finalizing discussion
The end of meeting
Now leaders of federations will start their preparations for this holodays

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